Launched in 2014.


FYIP is a ready to wear French Brand inspired by aviation.


Our mission


To promote the aviation culture through a dynamic image, to create original clothes and technical accessories for pilots and and aviation aficionados.


In the aviation, we take off facing the wind the goal of the FYIP project is to create a brand,a pledge of creativity and innovation. If sometimes the wind is strong, this will only help us to take off !!!


The real stakes of the brand will be :


  • To promote the values of the French aviation and in general (the planes, the pilots, the mecanics, the controllers etc...).

  • To create quality products and innovatives.

  • To review and improve the aeronautic clothing standard (Bombers, glasses etc..).

  • To gather together the aeronautic world, in order to, in the future, to make old collection planes possible to fly under the Fiyp brand in the different airplanes meetings, to have a team of pilots and eventually make this old plane to fly for a noble cause like humanitarian.

  • To find real solutions to help young pilots to start and other trades like the mechanics...