Sharing with others is a real asset in this world, thus FYIP wishes particularly to thank all the persons who have been part of the brand creation.

A big thanks to participants of the pre-sale on Ulule :  Bertrand, Florian B, Louis G, Jean-Batiste R, Pierre E, Véro Nice, Guillem G, Marielle G, Fly Boy, Morgan Gnt, Cécile M, Arnaud G, Florian LG et Thomas P !!!


- One big thanks to Sylvain


- Véro, Marielle et Val (Friends) for their assistance in the writing and translation of the site.


- To the models ! Alexandre, Vincent, Carla, Marine, Arnaud, Jérémy for their participation and their enthousiasm towards the project.


- To C. Frédéric (professional pilot), who gave us the opportunity to borrow his plane (a pilatus) for two hours, in order to make some photosgraphs.


- To Fabrice and Jérôme (pilots : owner of vintage aircraft) who gave us also the opportunity to realize nice photographs with it.


- To Denis (a friend) : for the first photographs made.


- To Thomas (graphist) : First person to collaborate to the project.


- To Antoine : (young pilot) : for his precious advices.


- To François (a collector of all sorts of vintage objects) : for his enthousiasm about the project and who lent us some aeronautical objects from his collection.